Workshops to bring your organisation’s ideas to life

Solve real customer problems. Energise employees. Generate better ideas.

Failed Design
Better ideas

Tune into your customers like never before

Engage your teams to work together

Deliver your vision faster and increase revenue

Design fail

Are you struggling to deliver products and services that customers love?

  • Are you missing opportunities when departments don’t communicate?

  • Are you scared new products and services won't succeed?

  • Are your competitors better at adapting to a digital world?

  • Do you want to improve cross-department collaboration?

  • Do you want to deliver iconic products and services, not mediocre ones?

  • Do you want to be seen as a more innovative organisation?

Work smarter, together and deliver products and services that your customers love.

You need Design Thinking. It will enable you to...

Empower teams with a culture of collaboration

Break down communication barriers and work more efficiently.

Explore and prototype relevant ideas

With better understanding of your customers, you can reliably deliver better solutions.

Deliver iconic products and services

Engaged, happy customers become your brand advocates.

Research says Design Thinking delivers superior business performance

The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM’s Design Thinking Practice

McKinsey: The business value of design

Design Management Institute: The Value of Design

Get started with a taster workshop

1. Bring team members together from different departments within your organisation


2. We help you get into the mindset of your customers, uncovering their unmet needs


3. Your team generates customer focused ideas that have real impact for your organisation

We are here to help

All you need to provide is:

  • A group of 10+ employees from diverse roles

  • An open mind to try something new

  • A place you'd like the workshop to take place

We'll deliver:

  • A hands-on session tailored for you

  • Practical techniques everyone can learn regardless of role

  • A fun, collaborative environment

  • All the writing and drawing materials

  • Cookies

We'll leave you with:

  • An informed view of your customers and their needs

  • Educated employees ready to start applying what they've learned

  • A plan of action to take your product design and development to the next level

“The design thinking process allowed me to approach the problem from a different perspective. It removed any preconceived ideas I had and followed a structured process to identify the true issues that needed to be addressed.”

Dan O'Toole, Director of Finance & Deputy Chief Executive at Livewell Southwest

Design Thinking works for companies just like yours

  • Banks

  • Financial services

  • Housing associations

  • Manufacturers

  • Start-ups

  • Consultants

  • Restaurants

  • Media

  • Health providers

  • Retailers

  • Small businesses

  • Non-profit organisations

  • Government Agencies

  • Big Corporates

  • and more...

If you have products and services where user experience matters, you need Design Thinking

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